Equipment Financing and Leasing

Equipment Financing and Leasing is an ideal way for corporations to acquire new equipment without investing a significant amount of capital upfront. Many businesses are choosing Equipment Financing and Leasing to better manage cash flow and operating expenses. Anything from computers and heavy machinery to complete offices can be leased. Having the right equipment can give you an advantage in the marketplace. The right equipment, tools, and supplies can help you provide your customers top-quality work that is completed on time and on budget.

If you lack the funds necessary to buy new or used equipment, there is no need to worry. We are here to help your business succeed by providing you with an equipment financing plan designed for short and long-term growth. Get started with us today.

Equipment Financing and Leasing

Types of Equipment Financing and Leasing

equipment financing leasing capital lease

Capital Lease / Financial Lease / Dollar Buyout

These leases share the advantage of fixed monthly payments, but with the guaranteed option to purchase the equipment for a nominal price at the conclusion of the lease.

Equipment financing Leasing Sale Leaseback


You sell your equipment to us, and we lease it back to you over a set period of time. The sale-leaseback transaction provides you with cash that you can use for any business need, and you can still use your equipment to help your business make money.

Equipment financing Leasing Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value Lease (FMV)

A fair market value (FMV) lease from us provides you with several options once your lease agreement ends. You can buy the equipment at its fair market value, lease it again, return it, or trade it in for a new or upgraded model/version. 

Our Process


Submit an application with lease/equipment specifics and a detailed collateral list.


Receive an approval letter from us with our offer.

Close the Deal

Close the deal by submitting your signed approval letter, processing fee & all required docs.


  • Make lower monthly payments.
  • Fixed financing rate instead of floating rate.
  • Benefit from tax advantages.
  • Conserve working capital, avoiding cash-devouring down payments.
  • Gain immediate access to most up-to-date business tools.